Mission Statement & Organizing Principles


The joint Committee on Franciscan Unity

Revised and Accepted by Consensus at its Annual Meeting February 19, 2004

St. Mary's Retreat House, Santa Barbara, CA

1                    Mission Statement

For the sake of creation, we are called to bear witness to the essential unity of the church, the Body of Christ, by working towards Franciscan unity in all of its expressions. We will achieve this through dialogue and collaboration among the Orders which follow Christ in the traditions of Francis and Clare.


2                    Organizing Principles

A.   Inclusive of Any Franciscan Orders.

Any religious community following the tradition of St. Francis and St. Clare is eligible to participate in the work of the Joint Committee on Franciscan Unity.

B.   Shared Responsibilities.

In the spirit of egalitarian relationship, all sponsoring communities share equally the responsibilities of the Joint Committee, including number of representatives.

C.    Responsive Dialogue between joint Committee Sponsors.

Committee members are responsible for maintaining a flow of communication between the Joint Committee and their sponsoring communities.

D.    Model the Unity We Seek.

Acknowledging that we share a common Franciscan charism and are committed to bear witness to its dedication to the work of Franciscan unity, members of the Joint Committee work together in ways that demonstrate mutual respect, honor, and affirmation of the several gifts each brings to the work of the Committee.

E.    Ministry of Reconciliation.

Central to the Committee’s vision of Franciscan unity is its call to engage efforts toward reconciliation among its sponsoring Franciscan Orders, and the ecclesia they represent.


Further Clarification of Mission Statement

Excerpted from Minutes of Annual Meeting of April 12-­‐14, 2007 The Cenacle Retreat Center,  Chicago, Illinois

Discussion of our Mission Statement:

Based on our “revisiting” of our Mission Statement, we clarified our mission as bearing witness to a more egalitarian Franciscan unity, dialoguing on issues relating to broader mission, and to facilitate a better collaboration among our Orders. This committee is to live out the dream of Franciscan Unity. What are more clearer and visible ways which we can do this? Shared prayer, shared action and shared worship have validity for this committee’s work.